At ONEUNITY Media - We Help Small to Mid-Sized Companies Craft Competitive Advantage Digital Branding Campaigns that can be Measured through Data Analytics Leveraging the Power of Social Media Distribution Channels. We work with Ambitious brands that don't mind us breaking a few rules to test the limits of possibilities. To help them do it, we utilize the a Process called "Design Thinking" as a Process of finding opportunities at the cross-section where stories, systems, and communities overlap. This rich creative process is where our Design Thinking Collaborative Approach with our clients create the best solutions.

ONEUNITY Media helps Clients craft Competitive Positioning Advantages for their digital Brands through the Design Thinking Process.
— Rich Ortiz, Co-Founder of ONEUNITY Media

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  • The Design Thinking Process Begins with the End in Mind.
  • Establish the End State as a Baseline and Reverse Engineer the Process - Goal of the Company's Brand - be it a Product or Service.
  • Team Collaboration Workshop for Brand SWOT Analysis.
  • Brand Messaging is also a part of the Design Thinking Process. Crafting a well thought-out Brand Tag Line or Mantra is Key to developing a Brand Voice.
  • Branding Campaign Strategy.
  • Branding Campaign for Social Media Strategy.
  • Branding Visuals - Video Production/ Photography for Storytelling the Products and/or Services.
  • SEO for Data Collection and Measuring the Digital Media Campaigns to Track Milestones and Goals.